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Konsep Penanganan Bencana Kekeringan

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(Dipublikasikan dalam Prosiding Seminar Nasional Mitigasi dan Ketahanan Terhadap bencana, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, ISBN : 978-602-8420-85-3)




Henny Pratiwi Adi 1

1 Jurusan Teknik Sipil, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Islam Sultan Agung,

Jl. Raya Kaligawe Km. 4 Semarang

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Generally, Central Java Province is quite prone to drought. Based on the balance sheet needs water in 2020, Java will have a fairly large deficit in water demand. This study aims to compile data and draft drought conditions appropriate technology-based countermeasures. The method that used in this research is a literature review, secondary data collection, field observations and round table discussion. The result of this study is an analysis of drought conditions in several districts of Semarang, Blora, Grobogan, Demak, Pati and Sukoharjo. The concept of drought mitigation proposed is divided in the handling of short, medium and long term, and an analysis of implementation efforts are made ​​especially for medium-term treatment with the technology of production ponds, legitimate (a closed model of rainwater), PAH (an open model of rain water ), absorption wells, cekok wells, deep wells and a simple water purification model .

Key words: drought, conditions, prevention concept